Patrick is passionate about enabling people to raise their game play. A true role model and life long learner, Patrick is an inspiring speaker, presenter, trainer and author.
Wendy Shaw
Professional Certified mBIT Trainer

When I was informed about the 1-day training on Emotional Intelligence, I wondered to myself what in heaven’s name we were going to use a whole day to learn on EI. I thought I knew it all, but I was totally wrong, because it was much deeper than I thought.

The facilitator was excellent in his delivery, carefully breaking down what constitutes our mindsets and how it affects human behavior. Very insightful indeed, and by the end of the day we all felt like we needed another day to fully do justice to the subject.

I strongly recommend this training for everyone who deals with human beings.

Rabi Brimah
Senior Manager, Customer Experience
Enterprise Life Insurance
Patrick is a versatile professionally trained emotional intelligent resource person. His practical approach to building capacity is much sought after. For me, he is a four-star life coach.
Rev George Tackie
Senior Lecturer (UCC, Cape Coast) &
Snr. Associate Minister (VBCI, Cape Coast)

Rev. Patrick Otieku-Boadu has been and continues to be an inspiration for the youth of our country. His passion for what he does can be found in his books. Some of the books that I have read are enlisted, opportunity, Ingenious and opportunity. These are pocket sized motivational and inspirational books that has a lot of practical, inspiring, empowering words and statements that will change your way of thinking.

I have been really impacted positively by his seminars and books. He is one of the few people I look up to for direction in life. Get copies of his books and your life will definitely improve socially, physical, mentally, spiritually and economically.

I started reading Rev. Patrick Otieku-Boadu's book's from senior High School. Particularly I read Enlisted, In-genius and Spearhead. I must admit I did not only find them simple and exciting to read but in addition a resource that has helped shape my personal and career decisions. Growing my mentorship organisations and Running a clothing line are evidences of the contributions of Rev. Otieku-Boadu's books in my personal and career life.

I have read each book of his at least 3 times and do not seize to grasp each new book Rev. Otieku-Boadu releases. You are likely to be trapped by 'Success is for Abnormal People', 'Revolution' and 'Living Beyond Boundaries and Systems'.

Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh
Co-Founder; INVENTS
Executive Tailor; Wear Purple